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Since 2000.9.10

 Invitation to our jogging club
 CHIYODA Soyukai

Our CHIYODA Soyukai is a well known club among joggers and this year is the 30th anniversary of it's foundation.
Our membership is quite open for people - there are no restrictions for age and gender and also no club fees.
Of course we always welcome foreigners as our fellow joggers!

Every Sunday, except rainy days, we meet at a small park, facing most of the Imperial Palace at around 8:00 a.m. and enjoy jogging together - but then with each's own different speed and pace.

The distance of one round is approximately 5km but many people run twice, some run more.
Once a month we carry out "time trials" on the 1st Sunday and most people challenge one's own record.

We also participate in many marathons or "ekiden" races and have a lot of fun.
Many club members have experiences of running full Marathon races, and at present, we have 21 "Super runners" which means finishers of 100km races (or longer distances) within a set time limit.

However, the most important objective of our club is to enjoy each other's company through jogging, walking and chatting with a drink or light meal.

Meeting Spot: It is located north east of the Palace near the Meteorological Agency building. You will be able to find the place easily as there is a big bronze-made statue of Wake-no-kiyomaro, who was a government officer in 8th Century (Tozai line, Takebashi station, exit number 2).
Please join us and have fun !